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Tessa, a veterinarian who now runs a dog rescue in Northern CA, is outspoken, has an over inflated sense of justice, and probably drinks too much. Tessa is desperate to find a new building for her no kill shelter, being forced out by an incoming Starbucks. She is at the mercy of the disapproving city council, is confronted with her high school sweetheart moving back home, and all the while is mentoring teenage volunteer and budding vet Molly Mattie, who has a penchant for pop culture, and thinks Tessa is the greatest thing since sliced bread. At the end of her rope, Tessa is left with approaching her estranged father for financial assistance to keep the rescue open to save the dogs, and ultimately, herself.

Why Tell This Story?

Vanessa and Spike

The human-animal connection is a strong one: whether a dog is your police partner or your couch buddy, both can save your life. And those that have chosen, or perhaps have been* chosen, to work in the very hard world of rescue, deserve acknowledgment as much as the animals they rescue.

After hearing from audiences, readers and actors that 'THIS SHOULD BE A FILM,' we thought, yes.
Yes it should.
The story of Tessa, who works in animal rescue, is not a story or a world that is often spotlighted.Sure, we see the videos and posts of cats and dogs that have been saved, but what is like to live it?

I'm currently in the trenches of dog and cat rescue here in Texas, and let me tell you: it never stops. 

I've teamed up with a marketing and fundraising professional in Texas- where animal advocacy is deeply needed, and with a director and screenwriting partner in New York City.
We'll then partner with an animal- centric company who will receive a portion of the film's sales.

Our aim is to begin filming ST. FRANCIS in October 2023. We'd love to include you in this process. Here's how you can help:


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Rescues Daisy & Naomi on Cape Cod


Tarik and rescue pup

Gotham City

Media Contact: Jaime Aronson
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